About Flatiron Steel
The Flatiron Steel Company was born out of an idea for a unique collaboration between a steel fabrication shop and a local family farm around a simple idea – what happens if we bring American made steel together with American grown pasture raised steaks?  What if we made a firepit that you could cook on, and seasoned it like an old cast iron frying pan?

Made by steel craftsmen in Alabama and seasoned with Shipley Farms’ natural pasture raised beef tallow, the Flatiron is the result of that collaboration, designed by renowned Birmingham industrial designer Lloyd Cooper.

The name was chosen in honor of Gray Shipley’s favorite steak, also called the flat iron.  This lesser known cut was once called the top blade steak, and comes from under the shoulder blade of the steer, a cut that is richly marbled and flavorful, while also one of the most tender cuts of beef there is.

About the farm
Shipley Farms has been raising Appalachian grown, pasture raised beef in the mountains of Western North Carolina since 1872.  Their dry aged steaks, roasts, and ground beef are produced by the local family farm the way they’ve always done it – with no shortcuts – to give their customers the experience of eating right off the farm.

Flatiron Firepits use beef tallow rendered from Shipley Farms’ animals, bonded to the metal cooktop using the time-honored seasoning process for cast iron and carbon steel cooking utensils.
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